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Latitude: 44 ° 45 ‘N
Length: 14 ° 46 ‘E
Area: 90.8 km ²
Population: 9,000
Climate: Mediterranean
Hours of sunshine per year: 2,600
Winds: Winter storm and south, the summer breeze
The average annual air temperature: 16.8 ° C
The mean summer temperature: 26 ° C, common from mid-July to mid-August, 35-43 ° C

Croatia is a stunningly beautiful country rich in heritage and stunning landscapes. The Adriatic coast is particularly interesting because of its ancient Mediterranean towns and characteristic image of red roofs surrounded by mountains and turquoise sea with beautiful beaches. The island of Rab is one of the gems of this beautiful treasure and an ideal vacation spot that offers a unique experience at any time of the year. This is why many say “one of Rab – Rab always” and return year after year or even settle on the island which is not typical for this time.

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Rab is an island in the Kvarner Pimorsko region that was already in 1889. Proclaimed seaside resort and spa RESPORT. British King Edward VIII and American Wallis Simpson Lady gave new impetus to the tourism area on the island during his trip along the Adriatic and Mediterranean 1936th When a loving couple stopped at a beautiful old town with four towers and where they bathed naked, and thus began a new era and a worldwide trend – naturism.

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The island of Rab is rich diversity; pleasant blend of the old city and nature and beautiful bays, attracts visitors year after year. Rab is rich in cultural heritage and Mediterranean spirit fascinatingly rich diversity of natural resources in a very small space: the lunar landscape, ie Stone desert facing the mainland to the rich forests of holm oak, clean bays, sandy beaches of natural valleys and hills. Rab has 2600 hours of sunshine per year, while winters are mild with temperatures ranging from 8-10C.

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The eponymous town of Rab is situated on a narrow strip of land that creates a special panorama sailing ships with four towers which attracts many visitors. A number of Gothic and Renaissance palaces, crkbe and steeples, the Roman city walls, old streets and lodge testify that Rab was special in prehistoric times. With the city of Rab, the island has seven other idyllic places; Barbat, Palit, Kampor Mundanije, Supetarska fisheries and marine. In each of these small villages Moog find beautiful coves and beaches, and promenades and numerous accommodation units such as apartments and rooms.

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Today, the culture and history of Rab incorporated into tourism. Some of the Rab cultural and historical monuments are among the most important and beautiful examples of architecture, such as for example the church and bell tower. Mary, the monastery and church of St.. Andrew, city lodge and palace Nimira. Culture, history, nature, and most importantly, the people of this island will make the holiday memorable. The island has no industry, so that the nature intact and the islanders live mainly from tourism, trade and traditional crafts. The island inhabited by approximately 9,000 residents.

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The main economic activities are agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding, trade and tourism. With its mild climate and vegtetacijom, clear waters and welcoming inhabitants, Rab island attracts tourists for 125 years. The tourism industry has won numerous awards and was pronounced a lot of times the best destination. Among the many awards Rab won a silver medal at the 2005 European city of flowers and a European award for cultural heritage. He has won several times and prizes at the Croatian, Blue Flower and Tourism flower and two first prizes for the best place on the Adriatic. In addition to prizes for the tourist destination and many tourist workers also won various awards in his field, such as cooks and bartenders.

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For gourmets, traditional kitchen island provides many flavors based mostly on seafood and local vegetables, fruits and meats and spicy characteristic aromatic herbs and spices. Rab’s most popular traditional dish is Rab cake.

The nightlife on the island takes place around bars, cocktail bars and their terrace or beach parties. You can taste the excellent cuisine and fine wines but in many excellent restaurants, enjoy classical music concerts, exhibitions and various events as a knightly tournament and Medieval Festival known as Rab Fair or simply walk centuries old town.

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Rab certainly stands at the top as the Adriatic destinations of excellence because of its natural resources, historical and cultural heritage, traditional customs and celebrations, local gastronomy, but also services. If you visit our island is guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience, as many tourists say. Whether you want to enjoy the mild climate, stroll the quiet island, discover centuries of history and heritage or simply soak up the sun on one of the beautiful beaches, you can expect a warm welcome to all islanders.

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